Learning & development consultancy is our core business. We are happy to help in any of the following needs:

Innovation in learning: Performance support, 70/20/10, blended learning, social learning.
Formulating a vision on learning
Building an (e)learning strategy
Implementation of projects related to L&D
Building corporate universities


Our background in organizational psychology means that assessments and coaching are always part of our business and specifically the use of behavioural models. Because quality if very important to us, we make sure that we know what we are doing by using the right tools and being accredited in them as well.

Insights Discovery Practitioner
MapsTell Guide
DISC expert
Solution-focused coaching

In our coaching we have chosen an approach to be facilitating the process of the coachee and not to be an advisor. Which we believe is something different. We try to ask the right questions that help your train of thoughts and help you take the next step in your personal development. As a methodology we use the solution-focused methdolody. This has an approach that focuses on developing and expanding what goes well, instead of focusing on issues.

Case Study

Recently we have coached someone who had a question on their career path and wanted to toss some ideas around on this. We have asked her to fill in the Insights Discovery assessment as a starting point of the rest of the conversations. By giving her a personal profile and a very extensive debrief on her behavioral preferences, she was able to make progress in her process. At the end she not only got to know her strengths and weaknesses better she was also much better prepared for upcoming interviews and next steps.


Training design is part of our business for years. It’s always a challenge to make sure the program is designed in such a way that we meet the learning goal. A little too often, in our opinion, do people walk out of a classroom saying that they have had a “fun day”. OUr training design always takes it to a level that we should be focussing on which is the endresult: What have people learned and with are they going to do with that.

But if you ask us, the projects we are most excited about are the projects where we are not just hired for the design of the training, but for the entire learning journey. Developing journeys according to the 70/20/10 principle, embedding learning in the workplace by offering performance support (systems) that is always our goal if you work with us. Because for us it’s about learning, development but mostly performance. With a focus on performance we are making sure there is a return on development.

Case Study

MapsTell is a startup that is mapping bevioural preferences on an actual map in the form of a landschape. A great tool for developing teams and organizations. Pink Coat is a program manager for MapsTell, involved in L&D advise and strategy, instructional design as well as delivering part of their train the trainer programs.


Without us even realizing it we get a lot of assigments from startup companies. And we do get it, the free flowing unlimited amount of energy that characterize a start up also are typical for Pink Coat. And we love an environment with a lot of opportunities and ways to develop. We are mostly involved in start ups in the L&D world and always willing to give advise on this.

Case Study

Pink Coat works for a start up that is building an academy around a speaker. After publishing a lot of books and doing public speaking they have asked us to help them build an Academy around those books. So together with them we are building a vision on learning, a strategy for learning, online modules, workshops and seminars.

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