In a world with constant change it is more important then ever to have a focus on quality. We want to help the L&D profession to keep an eye on their own quality and making sure we are still doing the right things to help the business. It is always good to benchmark yourself, have a look in the mirror and see if what you are doing still makes sense. That is the case for learning providers, learning technology providers as well as internal learning departments. That’s why Pink Coat has a partnership with the Learning and Performance Institute. Together we are focused on the one thing that is our passion: Developing Learning & Development.

What do we do?

The LPI has many services to offer but in 2016 our focus is mainly on accreditations. We offer 4 types:

Learning Departments
Learning Providers
Learning technology providers
Venues for learning activities

Why should you get accredited?

What’s the value? The reason Pink Coat has chosen the LPI as a partner and framework for the accreditations is because:

Based on an international benchmark you get an advise on how your learning organization is performing. How are you doing, compared to others?
You get mentoring and guidance out of Pink Coat and the LPI. Not only during the accreditation process but also afterwards. This will make it easier for you to create a learning strategy for 2016 and further. What will you be in investing in, what choices do you have to make, what about your own team, what capability do you need?
You’ll be part of a network of experts who are connected to the LPI and so they will be connecting with you. And those experts are some big names in our field: Read more..
You’ll be part of an international network of other learning organizations with which you can toss ideas around and discuss plans.


Henriette is an experienced speaker and moderator at (international) events. She speaks about various subjects in Learning and Development. Besides, as an organisation we like to be present at conferences about L&D. Curious where we will be this year? 2016 looks somewhat like this.

Learning & inspiration event: 27 januari, event for learning managers
Learning Technologies – 3 + 4 feb
Learning Live (sept)
Learning 2016, Orlando

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