MapsTell chooses Pink Coat to outsource L&D activities for the next 3 years

Together with its network of accredited Guides, MapsTell works to create a World of Understanding. Our products, training and applications have been developed with the vision that every person and every organisation should have the opportunity to grow.

To make this happen, the company delivers accreditation programs to existing freelance and in-house trainers to be able to work with the tool. Since the start in 2015 Pink Coat has been the solid partner of MapsTell in designing and delivering these programs. It used to be a relationship on a project base but the company has now decided to move this into a more sustainable relationship over the period of the next three years. In this strategic cooperation all Learning & Development activities are being outsourced to Pink Coat. That way MapsTell can keep focus on developing new products and continuing to build the quality of the current products.

MapsTell believes in the power of visual, easy-to-share information as an alternative to lengthy and boring reports. We put company strategy, processes and employees’ behaviour on the map, literally. Our products are visual, imaginative and interactive and are accessible and easily understood by everyone.

Pink Coat is an independent Learning & Development consultancy organisation.  The company offers a range of services in L&D, like strategic advise, instructional design, project management and building L&D teams within organisations. The company has a long history of using psychometrics in a tangible approach, like DISC and Insights. That is why the relationship with MapsTell is as strong as it is. Besides running and continuously developing the current accreditation programs, Pink Coat now additionally gets a seat at the table of the L&D strategy of MapsTell for the next couple of years.

Michel Veen, Managing Director of MapsTell says: With Pink Coat we have found a strategic partner that will bring innovation into our current accreditation programs. Since we have chosen a partnership with an external provider we have a close relationship with, it gives us the opportunity to be aligned with the latest in the world of L&D. It gives MapsTell the chance to keep the high quality in in our current accreditation programs.

Henriette Kloots, owner of Pink Coat states:  I could not be more proud! We always have the client in the centre of what we do and we have done that for MapsTell in the last couple of years. The fact that this is seen and rewarded with a long term relationship is very good news! It means we get to me more involved on a strategical level and we can make a difference in the long run. If you are an independent partner in L&D like we are that is everything that you work for. And then to know that we are contributing the mission of MapsTell to create a world of Understanding is even better.


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