Starting Pink Coat

Starting the business of Pink Coat, what sets us apart?

So the plan was to relax and recover from a crazy year with a lot of travel and start the business on the 1st of October. That is not quite what happened. From the moment the blog went online the phone has not stopped ringing. Totally overwhelmed have I been the last two months with the reactions of people telling me they have been waiting for this to happen, want to toss ideas around and need help on specific projects. That is a whole lot to take in for such a tiny lady, and so amazing! I could not have dreamed the fact that the reactions are so positive and so many. So first of all thanks for that. I cannot wait to get the first projects started and make some magic happen. But I also realized I didn’t say anything about what I will be doing. Minor detail 😉 So 2 things happened. Some of you still know me from the time I was a full time trainer and coach and some people told me they called me for something that I could have never come up with. So I thought it would be good to tell you a little bit more about what Pink Coat will be involved in and in the most modest way, what the company is good at.

My love for Learning & Development is what started Pink Coat a year ago as a blog so that will not change. I am truly married to learning, training, development, performance and those will always be the key words for contacting us. Some of you really close to me know that all the activities I do, all the books I read and all the conversations I have are always about learning. Boring but true. But we do have to make choices, like any business does and for that we need to listen to our strengths.

So that means we will be focusing on 2 things. On helping the business with learning & development AND helping our L&D profession develop themselves.

So what can I do for the business? Translating learning & development to meet your business needs. As simple as that. Specifically when it comes to innovation in learning. So in this world of LMS’s, online learning, apps, e-learning, blended learning etc etc so many companies have no idea where to start. Looking into an ocean of opportunities, with no idea where to start. You are meeting with vendors or advisors who paint you a picture that we, as L&D professionals, all understand. But it is not your picture. You are not familiar with our terms, our ways of working and you don’t need to be, because we service your business. Not the other way around. We need to speak your language and understand your ways of working to be able to come up with a learning and performance solution. And that’s where I can help. It is never about me, it is all about you. What do you need? What is your issue? Making sure that if you, as an organization, want to do more with newer ways of learning you will find the solution that is actually business relevant AND your own (business)language. That gives you performance results – not learning results.

So what can we do for learning? So many things, keep organizing inspirational events, learning trips to conferences, and we are continuously working on other initiatives to take our profession to the next level.

And on top of this some of you that contacted me made it very clear that you want to work together for one particular strength. You all said the same thing: We could use your energy to accelerate our project, to get stuff done, someone who is dedicated to meet a specific goal. That is not only a massive compliment, but also something that immediately makes clear why me. So thanks for telling me the one USP mostly worth sharing here!

Hopefully this shares a little bit more light on what Pink Coat will be focusing on, and if you are not sure whether I can help you or not. Please do not hesitate to ask, I promise I will be honest if it is not my expertise and can probably refer you to someone else who is way better in that particular thing.

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