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Give us your L&D challenge!

All our co-operations start with a challenge that the client faces. An organisation has a training challenge. Well those are the types of challenges we enjoy! 🙂

The first step is that we help the client to analyse the challenge, then we work with them to develop or improve the solution and then the solution is implemented. We develop their team at the same time, allowing the organisation to become even stronger in learning.


Interested in what type of L&D challenges we handle? Here are some examples:

  • Analysing a training challenge or programme

  • Innovation in learning

  • Formulating a vision on learning

  • Determining a learning & development strategy for your organisation

  • Implementing various projects in the area of L&D

  • Setting up academies

How we work

As described in this model, our work consists of activities on various levels. What you may always expect from us:

  • We carry out a thorough analysis
  • We ensure we are fully up to date
  • We challenge
  • We are innovative

We love formulating a vision and strategy for your L&D organisation that holds water.

For the design and execution of learning activities we work with various industry partners such as Het Trainingsbureau and Extra Trainers and various freelance instructional designers.

Analysis workshop

Our analysis workshop is very popular, which is why we are putting it in the spotlights.

It is a combination of Design Thinking and elements taken from various analysis tools. Often the workshop focuses on finding a solution to one of these two issues:

  • I have a challenge in the area of learning/performance and I have no idea how to solve it
  • I have a training request, but would like to analyse what the content and form of the training product should be together with you

After years of experience we now have a robust 4 hour workshop at the end of which you have a good first draft of your learning product and all learning outcomes. Interested in finding out more, or would you like to book a workshop straightaway? Please contact us!

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