We can help organisations become healthier, fitter and stronger in learning through consultancy and dedicated products.

As an independent partner in Learning & Development we help our clients to improve their organisation’s performance and be an attractive place to work. This is achieved through consultancy, outsourcing and our own Pink Coat products. Our primary experience lies in the following types of issues:

  • You are looking to innovate in learning and want to improve performance support, e-learning, blended learning, 70:20:10, Virtual Reality or AI
  • You want to achieve your company’s objectives more fully through learning and wish to improve your organisation’s performance
  • You want to take your Learning & Development team to the next level
  • Training and education are costing your organisation a lot of money, without being truly effective
  • You want to distinguish yourself in Learning & Development as an employer


niels Weller

Thank you very much for all your efforts, knowledge and skills in these training courses. I thought it was a very nice way of working with you and I learned a lot from you. In addition, I see plenty of opportunities to do something with this within TOPdesk from a broader perspective.

Niels Weller


I got to know Henriette as a Learning & Development trainer at ICM. Henriette has a huge sense of responsibility. She reads people very well and intervenes when necessary. Henriette is authentic, very knowledgeable in her field and incredibly passionate about L&D. This combined with her boundless energy makes Henriette a truly inspiring person and excellent trainer.


Learning & Development Consultant Alliander

From developing a strategic vision to the concrete solution to a training issue – with her expansive knowledge about learning and development Henriette Kloots helps me to come to new insights every time. Her genuine empathy and sense of what is required make sure that L&D can truly contribute to the organisation’s success.


Coordinator Learning & Development at Vomar

I had the pleasure to work with Henriette as she was my main contact for our department training needs. Just by talking to her you can tell that she is committed to her work and a great training facilitator. The dynamics that she uses are unique and tailored to the team needs which help the team to keep engaged and have FUN during the process of learning which allows them to take full advantage of each segment of the training. She takes the time to get to know each team member in order to provide one on one coaching if needed. She is a very good and strong trainer with lots of knowledge in her field. When you get to connect with her, you will discover an amazing person with unique skills. I highly recommend her, knowing that she will be a great asset to any company that hires her services.


Credit Control Area Manager for LATAM

I am positive about services of Mrs. Henriëtte Kloots-van Dillen on her role in the Young Expert Program (YEP) Water that was executed from mid November 2015 – Mid February 2016 for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in The Hague. She did a very thorough job, especially when it came to preparing the questionnaire and analyzing the data. I recommend her services for similar projects.


Creative Adviser Sustainable Water and Sanitation

I had the great pleasure of working with Henriette at Booking.com for nearly a year and she was a great inspiration. Her energy as a person and her knowledge and experience as an individual made her a joy to work with. Henriette I hope our professional paths cross again in the future!


L&D Manager EMEA at Uber

I got to know Henriette as a knowledgeable and pleasant teacher. I first met Henriette during the Learning and Development course at ICM. She reads groups very well and really knows how and when to react. During my training as a MapsTell Personal Guide Trainer I met Henriette again. The programme she developed is extremely solid. And during the course she surprised me again with her enthusiasm, neutrality and discerning eye. When I was having a hard time, she came to see me, which I hugely appreciated. Henriette gets you going in a truly positive way. And Henriette also taught me the importance of showing your skills in the world of Learning & Development.


Supervisor and Prevention Coach at Spiegelvisie

To me Henriette is a very knowledgeable, integer and dependable person with a refreshing view on L&D. What started as a small project for supporting building a team leader Learning Journey, moved into being a dedicated senior learning specialist in my team, responsible for managing large projects and coaching and mentoring less experienced team members. Without her support and experience I would not have been able to set up L&D and deliver on results in the way we do now. She's eager to make a difference and finding ways to improve by continuous (self)reflection.  

What I really like about Henriette is her 'what you see is what you get personality'. Henriette has a really open and transparent way of working and communicating which makes it easy to work with her. I like her approach of always thinking about the business impact and not just doing things because it's requested of her. She will challenge in a respectful way to help you think differently. She is very driven and passionate about L&D. She knows what she is talking about, makes sure she is up-to-date with the latest trends or what is happening in other companies, but isn't 'Little Miss know it all'. I really appreciated our discussions around L&D but also her support to bring it up to the level we needed within Booking.com. 


Learning Manager Customer Service Booking.com
Edmund Monk

“..Henriette has that rarest combination of personal skills and attributes. Not only is she extremely informed and passionate about learning and the impact it can have on both the lives of people and the performance of business, she is equally talented at supporting organisations to do just that. I have had the pleasure of working with Henriette for a number of years. Her drive and commitment is unparalleled, but she is also pragmatic, articulate and amiable. She has worked with a number of LPI customers and members, all of whom will testify to her talent for understanding and solving real learning and performance issues. We are proud to have worked with Henriette, and look forward to continuing to do so…”


Chief Executive Officer - Learning and Performance Institutem

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