How to utilise the L&D playground

I have been doing extensive thinking around the success and failure of learning programs. Of course we can never allocate failure or success to one particular factor. I think there is an L&D playground with so many factors to take into account, that this in itself might be the reason for some failure of learning programs.


So I have tried to create an overview of what I think we need to take into account when we are launching learning products and programs. I see it as the playground of L&D. And my guess is there are quite a few that you forget now and again. Hope this helps you, like it does me to make sure I cover my grounds.


The main branches are:

The learner: I have put this on the top of my list because this is key to the success or failure of a learning product. What is the status of their motivation, do they have the brain space for learning.

Learning product: We need to create a learning product that reflects the need of the business and the learner as well as their preferred method of learning

The problem: We need to make sure that our learning product reflects what we have analysed as the problem and solves the issue in itself.

The environment of the learner: We need to create a learning product that takes into account the environment of the learner. What tools and resources do they have access to, how much time do they have available, do they have a safe space to learn.