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Products. The complete package. Below is an overview of the products we’ve developed over time. You know what you’re going to get for a fixed price. These are products that we have or have helped to develop. And we know the market needs them and that we offer expertise in the area. But primarily they are products that continually challenge and increase the quality of the L&D profession.

  • Stronger in learning with Pink Coat – one year support programme

    Have one of our L&D professionals work with your L&D team one day a week for a year. By combining working on projects and training the team, you ensure your L&D team will be taken to the next level within one year! The Customer Service Learning team at has successfully used this approach.

  • Strong trainer coaching programme

    As a trainer receive intensive guidance and training for a six month period from an experienced trainer. It will make you a stronger presenter and you can work on specific issues that you encounter in your activities as a trainer.

  • Training (digital) didactic skills

    In addition to our customizable didactic skills programmes, we also offer a 2-day course in basic didactic skills, which can also be specifically dedicated to digital didactics.

  • Strong in learning – organisation check

    Discover where your organisation is at when it comes to learning. Suitable for large companies and SME’s. Are you putting your budget where it is most effective? Are the courses offered improving the employees’ performance? Discover the truth in half a day session!

  • LPI accreditations

    As mentor of The Learning & Performance Institute we have been carrying out accreditations for L&D departments and suppliers of learning solutions for four years now. Would you like to be certified in addition to having your performance analyzed to prove you provide quality results? Then this is the product for you!

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