Most assignments that Pink Coat takes on, like for instance one for Booking.com, are covered by a confidentiality agreement and we cannot publish any information about those. Below are therefore some examples of how we have supported our clients that they have allowed us to share.



In 2016 Vomar became a client. The education manager at Vomar asked Pink Coat to assist with part of their talent programme. As we like to think we know best, we asked if we could review the entire programme, rather than just be responsible for a part of it. After having participated in the existing programme, we were asked to handle the entire redesign.
This meant carrying out an analysis of the learning results and adapting the existing programme. At the same time we inventoried how the measurability of the programme could be improved and how we could measure its impact. We wanted to do that at the highest level, in other words, we wanted to know what percentage of the talent actually managed to move up the career ladder at Vomar.
The cooperation proved to be more than satisfactory on both sides and Vomar signed a long-term contract with Pink Coat. This meant that one of our L&D professionals spent one half day every three weeks with the training manager. We are incredibly proud of what we achieved after one year:

  • A pragmatic vision on learning that is supported by the entire organisation
  • Developed a strategy for a combination of different types of learning and the appropriate type of guidance for the relevant target group
  • Developed several communication messages as a result of which the training offer became better known throughout the organisation.

The cooperation is still ongoing and the consultancy package, with less intensive support but regular meetings, has proven to be very successful for this client.



In addition to providing educational science and train the trainer courses for ICM, one of our learning professionals also supported ICM at their offices for a period of 6 months. The innovation team of ICM needed someone who could manage a number of projects and talk to customers about innovation in learning. An interesting project that was run there involved a potential customer who initially called with a request to have animations created by the digital learning team of ICM. More in depth questions were asked and an analysis was made. The outcome showed that this client required a training programme aimed at maintaining care workers' ready knowledge at the required level, allowing the care workers to act appropriately if a situation should arise in which they needed to act quickly. A combination of interactive online modules and tests that matched their own simulation training turned out to be a much better solution.



Our cooperation with MapsTell started in 2015. MapsTell is an organisation that creates products in the area of associative cartography. One of these products is DISC on a map and trainers are certified so they can use it in their own training courses. There are different certification programmes, for instance for using MapsTell for teams. After several assignments involving the development and execution of the programmes, MapsTell decided to take out a subscription in 2018. Pink Coat now handles all L&D activities for MapsTell, such as:

  • Training the trainers who carry out the certifications
  • Developing and optimizing certification programmes
  • Quality management of associated trainers

It is a cooperation we are very proud of because together we are able to optimize the training quality offered by MapsTell.

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